Friday, September 25, 2009

Swaps from Canada

I was lucky enough to recieve these gorgeous swaps from Penny Hanuszak - my swap sister through UStamp who lives in Canada - aren't they stunning, i absolutely love them - and love the xmas theme - she has really inspired me to get creating for xmas!!!!
So Penny if you are reading this - thankyou soooo much for being the bestest swap sister!!!!!
Hope to blog over the weekend so stay tuned.....
Thanks for stopping by


  1. Your swaps look even better in real life!!
    They have made me want to make some christmas cards too!!

  2. Hey Holly I am reading......thanks for posting these pictures! I was so excited to have you assigned as my swap sister. You've been so much fun and I loved all your projects during the last session of UStamp With Dawn and Friends. You are terrific! I'm so glad you enjoyed my little swaps. I'm thrilled with your swaps too and I'm posting them tonight. LOL...... we're so much alike!

  3. you lucky lucky girl!! You were so spoilt!! Hows flipper these days? hehe

  4. Definitely GORGEOUS projects!!! Lucky girl!!!

  5. wow! what a fabulous collection of cards