Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tracey's Birthday Box

I joined U-Stamp last week and i am having a great time creating all of the really neat stuff on the site - this is a birthday box that my extremely talented up-line Tracey created - she is the NZ representative for U-Stamp!!! It is great fun chatting to new people on- line and seeing all the wonderful creations!!!

It is such a horrible cold wet day in the Naki - good day for creating!!!!!

Thanks for stopping by....



  1. Love the paper you decided to use. I letf you a comment in the UStamp gallery. Every one seems to Love this one:)

  2. YEP!!!! This looks great!! LOVE the colours you chose!
    It sounds like she's the bomb at the moment the world has finally found out about her talent :)
    Have a great week holly!! looking forward to seeing what you make with the paint pails :)